Yokohama Aegis LS4 Tire Reviews

Product Details

The Aegis LS4 was developed and is manufactured in the United States as Yokohama’s premium all-season passenger tire. Designed to provide year round traction for everything from the family sedan to the family van, the Aegis LS4 meets the needs of American drivers and their driving conditions. And instead of referring to a premium price when they talk about premium tires, the Yokohama Aegis LS4 was designed to deliver premium treadwear, traction and comfort at a fair price.

The Aegis LS4 features a long wearing all-season tread compound molded into an independent triangular shaped block tread design to provide an impressive balance of dry, wet and snow traction. The Aegis LS4 incorporates a continuous contact center tread rib and Yokohama’s computer generated Contour Profile Theory to develop a tire shape and construction that provides a smooth, quiet, highway ride. Internally, the Aegis LS4’s polyester cord body and twin steel belts help deliver ride comfort and predictable handling.

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