Yokohama AVS Sport Tire Reviews

Product Details

The Yokohama AVS Sport was developed as a Max Performance tire which emphasizes dry traction and handling along with wet traction and comfort. The AVS in the AVS Sport's name identifies that it's a member of Yokohama's Advanced Vehicle System flagship family of performance tires. Like all summer tires the AVS Sport is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The AVS Sport's high angle lateral groove "Y" shaped directional tread design (with grooves that look suspiciously like the "Y" part of the Yokohama Logo) results in an evenly spaced distribution of ribs and grooves which increases rubber-to-road contact for enhanced dry traction while it improves water drainage for wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. The AVS Sport features a continuous zig-zag center rib for uninterrupted rubber-to-road contact that helps enhance steering response, high speed stability and tread wear. The AVS Sport features Yokohama's Super Performance Silica (SPS) tread compound to further resist wear while it maximizes dry and wet traction.

Internally, the AVS Sport's twin steel belts are reinforced by jointless nylon construction to provide Y-speed rated capability while minimizing tire weight and maximizing ride comfort. The AVS Sport also features a new casing design which delivers excellent lateral rigidity for improved cornering while it improves dampening for better ride comfort.

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