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Trucks that used to haul firewood and old furniture have evolved enough that some of them just flat out haul. That's where the AVS S/T comes in. The name, AVS S/T, stands for Advanced Vehicle System for Sport Trucks. Leave it to Yokohama to combine high speed rated performance of high performance tires with the rugged strength of its truck tires. Its race bred technology provides outstanding cornering and the aggressive unidirectional tread design gives exceptional grip under braking and acceleration. The AVS S/T is design specifically to handle the weight of a light truck application to give it a significant edge over using a conventional performance tire.

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May 12th, 2011
ok... as far as looks... 10 out of 10
as far as wet conditions... not so much... i have a 2002 Toyota Taco.. (4x4) 285/70-R16
when the tires were new.. still not so much..5-1/2 out of 10..
as far as dry (summer) conditions.. 10+ out of 10.. in laymans terms.. they stick like crazy glue!!! and trust me, i've pushed them to there limit. which by the way is around 85 mph in a rt hand turn. i could feel the back end "wanting" to give out..any other tire... the truck would of spun around!
snow traction... Ha! -0 out of 10. get a set of Blizzacks..and slow down. :)
i want to purchase another set, but Yoko isnt making them in my size this year..
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2002 Toyota Tacoma