Pirelli PZero Rosso Tire Reviews

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Italians have always identified the color red with passion. And while red sports cars are probably the most identifiable example when it comes to driving passion, there is also Pirelli's PZero Rosso (Rosso, ro' so, Italian for red). PZero Rosso Max Performance Summer tires were developed to combine high performance, high speed and a high degree of comfort.

Specific design techniques, raw materials and manufacturing methods have been incorporated to produce Pirelli's most comfortable Max Performance tires. Like all summer tires, PZero Rosso tires are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The PZero Rosso System includes both asymmetric and directional tread designs, each tuned to satisfy the unique performance needs of different types of vehicles and uses. The PZero Rosso Asimmetrico is the most widely used because it's designed for both front and rear axle positions of front engine front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars (and on all cars driven on the track). The PZero Rosso Direzionale is designed to offer enhanced hydroplaning resistance and is primarily for use on the lighter load carrying front axle positions of mid-engine and rear-engine rear-wheel drive cars (which are then combined with the PZero Rosso Asimmetrico tires on the rear axle positions).

Both of the PZero Rosso tread patterns are elegant. The Asimmetrico tread pattern retains the "Zero concept" of earlier PZero tires by combining a semi-slick center rib that enhances driving precision while accelerating and braking with robust outer shoulder and intermediate tread blocks that are connected by circumferential "multi-ring" ribs to enhance dry grip. The independent blocks of the inner intermediate rib and inside shoulder are separated by wide grooves to help eject water to reduce hydroplaning and enhance wet grip. Considerable use has been made of curved grooves, which complement the circumferential grooves to reduce noise.

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