Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Tire Reviews

Product Details

The P6 Four Seasons radial is Pirelli's High Performance All-Season tire originally developed for European high performance and luxury touring sedans imported to North America. The P6 Four Seasons complements these potent vehicles by combining Extra Low Rolling Resistance (ELRR) with a smooth and comfortable ride, high performance driving characteristics and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The P6 Four Seasons radial features an asymmetric tread design with two central circumferential grooves to enhance wet traction and resist hydroplaning. A continuous center rib provides constant road contact to enhance straight-line tracking and dry road response. The tread is molded out of Pirelli's 100% silica compound with siped, independent shoulder and intermediate tread blocks that provide additional biting edges to enhance light snow traction. The tire's structure includes twin, high tensile steel belts that reduce weight to enhance ride quality while they stabilize the tread area to enhance handling. The tire also features Pirelli's Extra Low Rolling Resistance (ELRR) system in which the belting, sidewall and carcass compounds are designed and constructed to improve flexibility and increase rolling smoothness, while overall integrity is optimized and weight is reduced.

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