Nokian NRHi Tire Reviews

Product Details

The world’s first pure summer tyre
Nokian NRHi is the world’s first tyre that has been manufactured using only low-aromatic oils without harmful PAH-compounds. This environmentally friendly tyres top properties have been created using new innovations. Nokian NRHi’s wet grip properties are a cut above the rest.
Quiet driving pleasure
Nokian NRHi’s drive-by and cabin noise are low and pleasant. The tyre touches the road softly and accurately, improving braking efficiency and lengthening the tyre’s service life.
Safety on muddy roads and on curves
The symmetrical shoulder areas of the tyre’s tread pattern guarantee excellent performance on curves. The lateral grooves remove water from between the tyre and the roads surface even at high speeds and the new full silica compound provides excellent grip on wet surfaces on warm and cold days alike.
Nokian NRHi is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy driving regardless of the weather and value their safety and the environment.

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