Maxxis ZR9 Tire Reviews

Product Details
A unique ultra high performance radial specially designed for asphalt track racing, the Victra ZR9 features a shoulder design with large blocks to promote cornering and lateral stability. Center V-shaped grooves disperse water efficiently for excellent wet traction, and the well-balanced tread, sidewall, bead design, and advanced racing compound meet handling and traction requirements for racing. Get an edge on your competition with the Victra ZR9.
  • Specially developed for asphalt track racing only
  • Directional tread pattern design with low void ratio provides excellent handling
  • Shoulder design with large blocks promotes cornering and lateral stability
  • Well-balanced tread, sidewall, and bead design, plus advanced racing compound with specialty rubber and carbon black to meet handling and traction requirements for racing

Product Ratings
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Wet Traction
Snow Traction
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