Maxxis Presa Detour MA-PD Rear Tire Reviews

Product Details
Maxxis introduces its new radial Adventure-Touring tire, the Presa Detour MA-PD. Available in V-Strom, BMW, and Triumph Tiger sizes, the Presa Detour offers excellent and responsive handling in both wet or dry, on and off-road conditions. The Detour’s stable central blocks and large grooves easily disperse water and grip the road in a straight line and while weaving through the back roads, offering comfort and ease throughout your ride. With its unique compound, the new Presa Detour will yield low tread wear to make your adventures seem endless!


  • Stable central blocks with large grooves for outstanding water dispersion
  • Optimized tread pattern creates a larger contact patch for increased cornering confidence, and smooth transition
  • Special formulated compounds yield low tread wear while offering outstanding traction

Product Ratings
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