Jetzon Radial AP Tire Reviews Reviews


Jetzon Radial AP Tire Reviews

Dave Schneider
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Summary: Snow traction!
March 7th, 2015
I purchased these tires for the first time in NH last spring. I got a great deal for all 4 mounted and balanced. I did not see any reviews regarding their capability in the snow but saw some good comments for off road which I do plenty of. For their dirt & mud performance I was very pleased but still had no idea how they would do in snow, slush or ice. Well let me tell you, I live in south eastern Massachusetts and this winter we have had plenty of all 3. Over 8' of snow in 6 weeks & more to come. These tires perform great! Excellent traction in even the deepest snow we have had. I have 4WD but most of the time keep it in 2WD and have had no problem getting through. These tires have been the best handling tires for snow I have ever used . I have had a small PU for over 15 years so I have had more than one set of tires.
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