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GT Radial Maxtour Tire Reviews

Dick Johnston
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Summary: I would avoid these...
June 5th, 2012
I found these have a very significant lag in steering response which really shows up when you do a left/right serve motion on a highway or freeway. They gave me zero confidence in an ability to perform an emergency swerve at highway or even freeway speeds - even on dry road. Even gently back-forth swerving on the road resulted in a very disconcerting (read: stomach turning)'sway motion' where the car and tires seemed to be doing their own thing. My 2001 Buick Regal is quite agile for a car this size (with decent all-seasons on it) but these tires made the car handle like a battleship. These tires get a 2/5 because they corner "okay" at lower speeds and stop as good as any other tire on dry road. But performance at higher speeds is virtually non-existent. If you're 80 years old and driving is 10 blocks to church once per week at 10 miles per hour then get these tires. Everyone else: look elsewhere and don't be as cheap as me. I've never “cheaped-out” on tires before and never ever will again. Did not use tires on wet roads or on snow – and wouldn’t want to so I put gave a "3" for these. I do not drive “hard” or corner hard and am a very defensive driver. Even so, I expect more performance from my tires and should not have tried to save a mere $120 on a set of four. Live and learn. Traction is "ok" at 2 or even 3 on dry but handling is a 1 out 5 at best - especially at freeway speeds and higher.
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