Fuzion ZRi Tire Reviews

Product Details

The Fuzion ZRi is the Fuzion brand's Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed to meet the needs of sport compact and sports car driving enthusiasts and tuners. The Z-speed rated Fuzion ZRi is designed to provide crisp and responsive handling and traction in both wet and dry conditions. Like all summer tires, the ZRi is not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Fuzion's Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology (UNI-T) features three core elements: CO•CS, a Computer Optimized Component System which allows design and manufacturing processes to work more cooperatively, leading to a more efficient tire that doesn't significantly sacrifice one area of performance for improvements in another; O-Bead, a more round structure that minimizes overlapped joints in the bead area for improved ride; and L.L. Carbon (Long Link Carbon) which helps the rubber compound resist microscopic tread tearing related to wear.

The Fuzion ZRi molds a Long Link Carbon (an advanced form of carbon black) and silica-reinforced tread compound into an aggressive directional tread design to enhance dry traction that also evacuates water from between the tire’s contact patch and the road to improve wet grip and reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. On the inside, the Fuzion ZRi’s casing and twin steel belts deliver responsive handling and cornering stability. The steel belts are reinforced with spirally wound nylon to provide high-speed durability while minimizing weight and maximizing ride qualities. The Fuzion ZRi features Rim Guard rubber ridges on its lower sidewalls to function as bumpers to help protect wheels from curb damage.

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