Firestone Destination LE Tire Reviews

Product Details

The Destination LE with UNI-T is Firestone's Highway All-Season tire developed to bring the benefits of UNI-T technology to sport utility vehicles, vans and light duty pickup trucks. It is designed to combine much of a passenger tire's quiet comfort with yea-round traction, even in light snow.

On the outside, the Destination LE uses Firestone's Weathergrip tread compound enhanced with a special Long Link Carbon Black (L.L. Carbon) to boost wet traction while improving treadwear. This compound is molded into a symmetric tread design featuring independent blocks that use Firestone's 5 Degree Noise Reduction to generate noise-canceling sound waves to reduce overall tire noise. On the inside, the Destination LE features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon to provide strength, uniformity and durability on top of a polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride.

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