Federal Formoza FD2 Tire Reviews

Product Details

The evolution of the FD1, Federal's all new and improved Formoza FD2 – all the performance and comfort features of the FD1 plus Federal Technology Center’s newest add-on, D.P.E.T. (Disorder Pitch Evolution Theory) to reduce noise levels to the minimum while maintaining performance and handling capabilities. This extension of the popular Formoza series provides the performance and comfort you need, with the looks to crave for.

1. Variable sub-grooves in the shoulder blocks further reduces impact noise for improved noise comfort
2. 3 in 1 innovative groove design reduces vibration and pulsation frequency disturbing even to the most discerning driver
3. Wider Solid Central Rib increases straight line stability and on-center feel
4. Wide circumferential grooves and tread pattern promotes rapid water evacuation and prevents hydro-planing for confident and safe driving on wet/damp surfaces
5. Computer-designed tread elements & finite element modeling for a stable footprint and even & long tread wear.

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