Cooper Discoverer Radial AST Tire Reviews

Product Details

The Discoverer AST is Cooper's first line all-season light truck/SUV tire designed for the driver looking for value performance at low initial cost. The Discoverer AST all-season tread design and size range makes it especially suitable for older pickups and SUVs.

  • ALL-SEASON TREAD: A five-rib tread design creates a pattern of gripping edges for excellent traction. Lateral grooves and shoulder slots evacuate water from the contact area for effective wet weather driving control. The arrangement of the tread elements also promotes even treadwear.
  • LONG-LASTING RUBBER COMPOUNDS: Rubber compounds throughout the tire are formulated to meet the function of each specific component. The tread compound is designed for long, even treadwear.
  • STIFF LOWER SIDEWALL: A hard bead filler is reinforced with a rim cushion to surround the bead area with stiff support. A rigid lower sidewall enhances handling and stability.

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