Continental ContinentalExtremeWinterContact Tire Reviews

Product Details

The ExtremeWinterContact is Continental Tire's Studless Ice and Snow winter / snow tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans and minivans, as well as pickups, crossovers and sport utility vehicles looking for traction on winter's slushy, snow-covered and icy roads. The ExtremeWinterContact is designed to deliver serious performance in winter weather conditions.

The ExtremeWinterContact uses an advanced high-tech winter tread compound that remains flexible in freezing temperatures to enhance snow and ice traction. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern that blends dry road handling with foul-weather traction. The elevated bases of the lateral grooves produce a stiffer tread pattern for improved dry handling while independent tread blocks featuring structured high-density sipes provide the multiple gripping edges to enhance traction and braking on snow.

ExtremeWinterContact tires meet the industry's severe snow service requirements and are branded with the mountain/snowflake symbol.

When the ExtremeWinterContact is approximately 50 percent worn, a winter tread depth indicator molded into the design lets the driver know that the remaining tread is reaching the end of its ability to provide beneficial snow traction.

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